How to get to Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach is Costa Rica’s biggest and most developed beach town as it’s only a 1.5 hour drive from the capital city of San Jose. With excellent year round waves, Jaco’s reputation as a top surfing beach is well earned. Besides surfing, tourists can enjoy all the conveniences and services of a city beach town and the many fun adventures that lie right around the corner.

Jaco is famous for surfing, nightlife, fine dining and adventure. It is an ideal destination for surfers, couples, older families, bachelor and bachelorette parties and friend groups.

How to Get to Jaco Beach

Book Your Private Transfer

Adobe Transfers offers private shuttle services to and from Jaco Beach, including direct airport pick ups from San Jose and Liberia International Airports. All transfers include one stop along the way and the driver will take you directly to your accommodation.

Here are the average rates, quoted in USD per way and up to 8 passengers.

San Jose International Airport to Jaco: $170, 15 hours

Liberia International Airport to Jaco: $230, 4 hours

La Fortuna to Jaco: $215, 4 hours

Monteverde to Jaco: $200, 2.5 hours

Tamarindo to Jaco: $270, 5 hours

Puerto Jimenez to Jaco: $400, 4.5 hours

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What to Do in Jaco Beach

Many tourists use Jaco as a homebase for their week vacation in Costa Rica. Other tourists stay on average 1-3 nights and use Jaco as a stopover for their trip down to the South Pacific.


Take a lesson or rent a board to enjoy Jaco’s great surfing waves. Since the beach has multiple breaks, Jaco beach is ideal for surfers of all levels, from first timers to experts. For lessons, talk to one of the local surf shops to set up your class.

Group lesson: $40 per person
Board rental: $15 a day

Tarcoles River Boat Ride

Near Jaco is the Tarcoles River which is home to the largest population of crocodiles in the country. Visitors can take a boat ride down the Tarcoles River to see wildlife such as crocodiles, herons, hawks and bats.

Average cost: $70 per person

Miro Mountain Hike

This free hike right outside Jaco beach town takes you up to the best viewpoint around. Miro Mountain is home to an abandoned building and has been thoughtfully decorated with street art so visitors can see Jaco from above and a bit of its funky local culture.

Happy Hour on the Beach

No night is complete without happy hour on Jaco beach. Enjoy deals on shots, cocktails and beer while watching the sun go down at one of the many beachfront bars.

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